Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break

Since I've been back from my Spring Break, I've taken a little blogging break, you may have noticed. That's because exciting things are in the works that have been distracting me from my blogging. I'm not going to apologize. Oh no. But, yes, good things are on the horizon. Details to come when they are more finalized.

Anyway, Spring is here. It's quite lovely, I admit. Did I miss the seasons in LA? No. Not at all. There was one awesome season all year 'round. And it was not winter. But now that it's Spring on the east coast, I do appreciate it. (which is not to say I didn't appreciate the awesome weather all year in LA. Oh, I did).

The bf and I decided to start a garden. How green of us. I've never tried this before, so starting a garden from scratch is all new to me. And really fucking cool! Here is what our first sprouts looked like a few days ago:

Cool, but really tiny. Although, I was super psyched at the first sign on sproutage. Nature really works! And I didn't kill them yet!

The ones shown above are Nemophila. (They love the movie Finding Nemo? Me too.) Their other name is Baby Blue Eyes. They're flowers. Not veggies, but we're diversifying.

Anyway, here's what they looked like a few days later:

The Finding Nemos are crazy! And below is the first basil sprout a few days ago:

Basil! We've almost grown something edible. But, look what we have today: more Nemos, snapdragons, lots of basil sprouts, and even some tomato sprouts in the front right (All organic seeds and soil, by the way. Yeah. I know. I'm a stereotype).

A massive zucchini sprout below:

And another shot of our Nemos, tomatoes, and basil:

Stay tuned for more adventures in seed growing! (Oh my god, what have I become? Soon I will be watching PBS and nothing else).

Happy, Cheesy Spring!


elanalou said...

Very impressive JC. Do you have an outdoor space to plant them in when the grow bigger??
I am intrigued by your good things on the horizon. I hope to hear more about them when I see you next weekend! Yay!

Shannon said...

i love that the most pics you have ever posted on your blog involve plants in little pink and white dixie cups.