Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back in Bmore

After 8 lovely days in California, visiting some of my favorite people and driving up the most beautiful coast in the world, I am back in freezing cold Baltimore for my last term of classes. I have the same feeling I did my senior year of college, "Really? I'm not done yet? But I'm so ready to be done." And so my mind is elsewhere. I think this term is going to be quite easy, if I can swing it. I'm over the whole school thing these days. I'm probably feeling this way because I'm fresh off vacation and miss California and would rather be there than here, but I think it's also because, frankly, I'm just done. Get me back to the work force.

Technically it's spring, but it doesn't feel like it. Last night the temperature was in the 20's. Not cool. Cold. It better warm up soon or I may find myself back on a plane headed west. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jack to Sleep

As I mentioned in my last post, midterms and finals happen pretty much always with a four term system. And thus, I am now mid-finals week. And I can't sleep. I'm leaving for CA in four days and I have one exam and three papers to write before then. (Aren't you loving my constant thrilling accounts of how much work I have? I know you are.) Anyhoozle (it's 5:45 am and I'm awake and I'm using "anyhoozle" if I damn please), so anyhoozle, I can't sleep. The three papers I have to write aren't actually due this week. They're due during my spring break. That was supposed to be a nice thing the professors did-- give us extra time. Do you know what happens when I'm given extra time? I take it. But, there is no way in hell I'm touching an ounce of work while I'm on spring break, so I am trying to finish all three papers way ahead of time. This will be a first for me if I can pull it off.

[Disclaimer: I have a coffee addiction. I always have coffee before I do anything for the day-- check email, write, talk, breathe. I have not had coffee yet this morning because I plan to go back to sleep this morning. I really do. You hear that, sleep gods? Anyway, the point is, forgive my pre-coffee ramblings.]

So, last week I went to a public health career fair at school. It was the first time I'd actually been to a career fair and had taken it mildly seriously. The problem is, I didn't want any of the careers being presented at the fair. They were all... well, just not for me. Yesterday I presented a group project for my health literacy class. The project was a photonovella, which is basically a comic book-like thing, but with photos, and with a health message. Anyway, I wrote the thing for my group and it was pretty fucking funny if I do say so (group members, if you're reading this-- we totally won). The other groups' novellas were not as funny. In fact most of them were kind of boring. That's when I turned to my friend and fellow group member and said "this is why public health needs comedy writers." And, that is what I want to continue to do. Make these messages, which tend toward the incredibly boring side, actually enjoyable and funny. There were no careers like that at the career fair. Not many comedy writing jobs at the public health career fair. Go figure. But I will find one. Oh yes, I will. I think the jobs I want are just not career-fair type jobs. Have they ever been? Nope. And I've never been a career-fair-job type person. And, thankfully, I'm still not. The job I want will require more searching, probably, and less recruiting. Being at the career fair was still amusing-- lots of usually shlumpy people all dressed up in pants suits and make-up. It made me appreciate not being in a more competitive graduate program. Fortunately, there was little clamoring, as far as I could tell. But maybe that's because I wasn't doing any of it. Anyway, I did score lots of free pens.

Okay. My ramblings are done for now. I really should blog more often, I know. It's a good thing to do when I'm lying awake thinking about all the work I have to do. Way better than actually doing the work, right? Sure. Good night.