Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Counting Down

The countdown is on. A week and a half left of school. I just handed in my one big paper for this term last night. It was eh. But it's done. I actually like the class a lot... It's online and a management/policy class. I never thought I'd be able to deal with an online class, but it's actually awesome. Especially because I don't have to listen to annoying people raising their hands and asking asinine questions. In the few "live chats" that we have, people still ask asinine questions (my questions of course are brilliant), but it's all over text. Much more easy to tolerate. The interesting thing will be when I have to give a presentation online. Hope my internet connection can handle it. That will be the last thing I have to do before I'm done and done. Yay. Then off to a friend's wedding in NYC and summer...

I'll be working this summer at CCP. Oh! I forgot to mention I went to a congressional briefing last week in DC for malaria and Rwanda's success with it. It was very cool to see how shit actually gets done in Washington. Here's what I've been working on at work, by the way: This project. Specifically the podcasts. I produced them. Fun times. Tomorrow I will figure out what I will be working on for the next six months. Hopefully it will include travel. Fingers crossed.

In other news: the swine flu. Public health in action. Pretty cool, although not cool at all. Anyway, reading all the articles, I actually understand what's going on behind the scenes. Seems like I learned something here. Ok, I'm being flippant... I truly am surprised and impressed with how much I feel like I learned this year. I actually get the whole going back to school thing. It's not just for the degree. I'm more knowledgeable! Crazy. And this swine flu thing... It's like an epidemiology refresher from first term. Other than that, it seems like people are freaking out. But that's what people do. Just take precaution. And maybe avoid Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico. Who needs it? It's 89 freaking degrees here. Yesterday the bf had off and we ended up at an outdoor bar on the harbor drinking and eating midday (before I finished my paper that was due at midnight). It felt like being back in LA. Except that there were fat people at the bar. And fewer designer jeans. Oh, and the black bean burger I had was $3.50. Go Baltimore. I'm also in the market for a new road bike. Before the bar we went to the fourth bike store of this bike-buying journey to check out what they had. And I think I found my perfect bike. I'll be taking it out for a test drive on Sat. Why am I telling you this? Because the bike store was yet another Baltimore highlight. Local. Friendly. With a woman, the owner, who actually took the time to measure me and fit me and blah blah. I cannot wait to get out for a ride. Cannot.

I have my second to last four hour class today. It's quite painful. Next week are the presentations, so really I just have to make it through this class. It's all about snacks. Snacks are key.

That's enough random ramblings for now. Tata.

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