Monday, June 30, 2008

Hopkins: The Show!

Welcome to my second post ever. I had put my blog aside for awhile because a) I hadn't told anyone about it yet so no one was expecting anything, b) I'm still creeped out by blogs in general c) I got distracted by life and d) I question whether I'm the only one who will find this interesting. No matter. I'm back. Hoping to continue chronicling my journey to Baltimore and public health school. Another reason I haven't written in awhile is that I'm in denial about leaving LA and the wonderful life I have here. By blogging about going back to school, I actually have to face the fact that I'm indeed going back to school. And frankly, I'm not quite ready.

But, last Thursday, I experienced a renewed excitement about returning to school, especially to Hopkins, thanks to the six-part documentary on ABC, "Hopkins." A show about my new school. Perfect timing, ABC. Thank you. Okay, so "Hopkins" isn't at all about the public health school, but it's pretty close. Close enough to make me look forward to moving to Baltimore, rather than freaking me out, like this show.

"Hopkins" follows a handful of doctors and their patients both at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and at home. The cameras have access to the operating rooms, so at times it's bloody, but it's also really freaking cool. Having sat in on a few operations in my pre-med days, it was refreshing to be back in the OR, even through the magic of television. Aside for the cheesy pop soundtrack, the most disturbing part was watching people in abject pain. "Grey's Anatomy" and other lame medical dramas do an okay job at well, their job-- creating drama. But never have I seen a scripted show depict actual pain. Real people crying and moaning, ugly and unflattering, in pain. You really don't see that very often, unless you're a doctor, and I was glad for the reminder that at all times of day, somewhere very nearby, people are in very real pain. As I sit on my couch and write, there are people in pain. It's an unsettling thought, but necessary every once in awhile at least for the perspective.

The point is, see the show. If anything, there are some really nice beauty shots of my new city, not to mention, proof, that yes, there are also some damn good looking doctors in Baltimore. Hooray for that.