Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I got Rejected today! The book Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped and Canceled came out today with an essay of mine it it. You'll have to buy the book to find out what the essay is about. But I'll give you a hint. It's about rejection.

It's nice to have something else going on in my professional life other than school. Once again, I am reminded that I had a totally different life before school. And that I haven't (or shouldn't completely) give it up.

Isn't the cover purty? Now go get yourself a copy and look at the inside. Particularly page 217. I'm just sayin. And check out (my mention in) the product description on amazon.

Rejectedly yours,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jack to School: Part II

Dear Faithful Readers,
Thank you for being so faithful. I know I have been lax in my blogging. I was on vacation for a month and had nothing school-related about which to inform you. But, alas! I am Jack to School once again. And so, I promise to be a better blogger. At least until the end of the school year in May.
Love, Jackie

P.S. I am almost finished with my first week of classes for this term. Only seven more to go! I really have only had three days of classes, but already I am swamped with reading. Yes, I said "reading". Notice how I didn't say "problem sets" or "suffering through fake math". Well, friends, that is because I do not have biostats class. Thank the fucking lord. This term is already shaping up to be way better than last. I also don't have the asinine required theory class that I couldn't stand, nor do I have the waste-of-time seminar with my cohort where each week we heard from alumni who couldn't stand their jobs. Done and done.

This term I'm taking an Environmental Health class, which I am very excited about. Because, like last term's US Health Care class, I am actually learning useful, factual information about our world. (I think I miss liberal arts). I learned last night that one of the ways to determine if there are serious toxins in a location is by finding frogs with extra legs. I will try to get the picture from class of the extra-legged frog. Ca-razy. If you just can't wait, I recommend googling it.

What else, you ask? I'm taking a class on children, media and health, which I haven't had yet, but which I'm very excited about; a two-term class on health communications, where we'll be designing a health campaign-- again very excited, as I'm figuring out that I think I want to get into advertising or social marketing; a research design class, which is required-- I wouldn't choose to take it, but it could be good (although we were warned that there will be some statistical analysis... but maybe it'll actually be useful as opposed to ridiculously complicated?). I'm also taking a class on managing NGOs. Haven't had that one yet either, but we shall see (We're required to take a management class, so... ). Hmm... I think that's it. I need to get organized. I need a three-hole puncher. I wish I still worked in TV, so I could just steal one from the supply closet. (Where did my stolen three-hole puncher go?) But, I don't. I work at a non-profit, and stealing from them just feels wrong.

In other news, I got a redonkulous bill from the time I was forced by the health clinic to go the E.R. for a cold this past September. I'm in the process of fighting it, both the bill and the system. My goal is to get Hopkins to allow walk-ins into their health clinic on the medical campus, like they do for the undergrads. Bastards.

I almost forgot! Barack Obama! New pres! Love it. I saw him speak along his whistle-stop tour in Baltimore. Pictures are up on Facebook, for those of you who are my "friends". For those of you who are just my friends, and not my "friends", enjoy these few:

Baltimore folk on their (our) way to the square to see Obs...
The Man!

Peace, man!

I also went to D.C. on MLK day, the day before Inauguration. Very exciting. (My health communications professor sent out an email urging us all not to miss the first day of class for the inauguration, and so I watched it in the warmth on my TV). But, I was very glad to be there the day before, to experience a bit of the excitement and to see the mall all set up and ready for the 1.5 million people the next day. Plus, it was about 40 degrees on Monday, compared to 15-ish on Inauguration Day. Tropical! The bf and I went to a very cool art exhibit in Georgetown called "Manifest Hope" with Obama- and political activism-inspired art. Here are a few favorites:

An oil well shooting out flowers... (and a profile of a guy with an asthma inhaler)...

Disregard the crazy-eyes, please...

The future is cool...

This one is called "A Man From Illinois"...

That's all for now.

P.P.S. Bye!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Conversations in Healthcare

I have a blog! Totally forgot! Oops. Actually, I didn't forget. I just haven't written because I've been on vacation and the more free time I have, the less I do. I spent a lovely two weeks on a Northeast excursion with stops in Philly, NYC, New Haven and Newport. But, I am back in Baltimore now and here to stay, at least until my Spring break. (Spring Break '09! Gonna be crazy! Public Health Girls Gone Wild! Oh wait.)

Since I've been back, I still had two weeks left of break, (now only one). So, before I left, I decided to schedule all of the doctors appointments I'd been needing during this time. First day back I went to the dentist. It had been maybe three years. Maybe. I went in for a cleaning and a check-up. I left with the news that I had two cavities, needed my wisdom teeth out, and needed gum surgery. I did not leave with a cleaning. (It's like taking your car in for an oil change and being told "We not doing the oil change, but we want to do a million other things on your car." "But what about the oil change?" "Nah. Maybe another time.") I also left the dentist with another appointment for a full series of x-rays the next day (Why couldn't they do them that day?) and an appointment the following day to see the periodontist. On the third consecutive day at the dentist, I was told that in addition to having my cavities filled, my wisdom teeth out, and my gums grafted, I also needed a bite adjustment and would need to wear a night guard for the rest of my life because I grind my teeth at night. I'm getting a second opinion.

In other frustrating doctor news, I went to the eye doctor to get a new prescription for my glasses and contacts. I paid extra for the extended contact evaluation and was given a prescription for a trial pair.

"Try them out for a few days before you order a lot. If they don't feel right, come back and we'll adjust."

Yeah, so they don't feel right. I called to make another appointment to get a different prescription. "Oh, that doctor is only in one day every two weeks."

"So, can I see a different doctor?"

"No, we don't like to do that."

"But I was supposed to have these contacts for a few days and they're uncomfortable."



Then, I went to get new lenses for my frames. "We just have to tell you that if your frames break when we're putting new lenses in, we're not responsible."

"So who is responsible?"

"Well, we're not."

"Do frames often break?"

"Well, we have to heat them up to get the lenses in. So, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't."

"So, you're saying that if my Prada frames break in your hands, I'm shit out of luck?"

"Well, we're not responsible."

"So I have to buy new frames?"


"Because you broke them?"



I'm sticking with my old lenses. They work fine. Especially with frames around them.