Thursday, May 21, 2009

The End.

Well, Jack to School fans (aka Elana)...

The votes are in and there is an overwhelming landslide for me to keep blogging. The current tally is 2 to 0. What a turn out! Unfortunately, as I learned in biostats, 2-- when I have an average of 10 readers a day-- is too small of a sample size for me to go on. (although 20%? Maybe it's not. I know there's a formula to figure that out, but whatever). So, alas, Elana, we'll just have to keep in touch the old fashioned way-- email. As for the rest of you-- yes, I know who you are-- feel free to email me, too. This way, it won't be so one-sided, ya know?

And of course there's always the old facebook, for those of you who are my friends or "friends." Besides, the only things I really want to talk about anymore are my awesome plants. Zucchinis, cukes, tomatoes and basil are in the ground. You should see them! If only I still continued blogging-- you could! Ha ha!

All in all, it's been a good year. Changed directions, fell in love, got more knowledge up in my brain. I have no idea what will come next-- as in May, 2010. For now, I'm sticking it out in Baltimore, though.

Maybe I'll pick this blog up again. But that may require me getting a PhD. The chances are slim. I was thinking about maybe keeping this going with more pictures, less talk. We shall see. But, don't hold your collective breath.



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